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Originally American music, Jazz developed originally from ragtime and blues and was characterized by propulsive syncopated rhythms, polyphonic ensemble playing, varying degrees of improvisation, and often deliberate distortions of pitch and timbre. Jazz has progressed through an amazing evolution, from its roots in Blues, through Swing/Big-Band, through Cool Jazz and Bop, to Free Jazz, and Fusion. On the more Pop, RnB and World side of it, Jazz progressed from Lounge, to Smooth Jazz, then finally to Acid Jazz and Neo-Lounge, driven by the advent of synthesizers, drum machines, and MIDI technology.


  865  Acid Jazz   (Period: 1980s to present)
  56  Afro-Cuban Jazz
  172  Bebop   (Period: 1940s into the 1950s)
  538  Bossa Nova Jazz   (Period: 1960s to present)
  110  Burlesque Jazz   (Period: 1900s to present)
  150  Cabaret Music   (Period: 1900s to present)
  647  Chillout Jazz   (Period: 2000s to present)
847  Comedy Jazz
  79  Continental Jazz   (Period: 1920s to 1940s)
  462  Cool Jazz   (Period: 1940s through 1950s)
  181  Dixieland   (Period: Late 1800s to early 1900s)
  240  Dramatic Jazz   (Period: 1940s to present)
  10  Dramatic Jazz Piano   (Period: 1940s to present)
  70  Electro Swing   (Period: 2009 to present)
  47  Ethno Jazz   (Period: 1940s to present)
  60  Exotica   (Period: 1950s to present)
  142  Folk Jazz   (Period: 1900s to present)
  87  Free Jazz   (Period: 1950s through 1960s)
  278  Gypsy Jazz   (Period: 1930s to present)
  64  Hard Bop   (Period: 1955 - 1970)
  75  Hip Bop   (Period: 1980s to present)
  695  Jazz Fusion   (Period: 1960s to present)
  481  Jazz Music (pending categorization)
  29  Jazz MusicPacks
45  Jazz Rap   (Period: 1980s to present)
  299  Jazz Rock   (Period: 1970s to present)
  211  Jazz Waltz   (Period: 1930s to present)
  28  Jazzabilly
  370  Jazz-Funk   (Period: 1970s to present)
  1,077  Latin Jazz   (Period: 1940s to present)
  1,355  Lounge Jazz   (Period: 1920s to present)
  204  Lounge Jazz Vocals   (Period: 1920s to present)
1,247  Neo-Lounge   (Period: (Period: 1980s to present))
  59  Neo-Lounge Vocals   (Period: 1980s to present)
  213  New Age Jazz   (Period: 1980s to present)
  107  Novelty Jazz
  471  Nu Jazz   (Period: 1990s to present)
  135  Orchestral Jazz   (Period: 1920s to present)
  357  Ragtime   (Period: 1900s into 1930s)
  2,419  Smooth Jazz | instrumental   (Period: 1960s to present)
  217  Smooth Jazz | Vocals   (Period: 1960s to present)
  375  Soul Jazz | Groove   (Period: 1960s to present)
  641  Swing | Big Band   (Period: 1930s to present)
  1,096  Swing | Ensembles   (Period: 1930s to present)
  142  Swing | Stride | Solo Piano   (Period: 1930s to present)
17,453 Total Tracks
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