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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Andy Schofield Flight of Angels 2.45 - Andy Schofield
Adam Goldsack House of Fame - Adam Goldsack
Side FX and Kim Cameron Sexy Smile - Side FX and Kim Cameron
Carol Hahn Do Your Best (Hi Volume Radio Mix) - Carol Hahn
Rhonda Rivera Elias Song (Acoustic Pop Version) - Rhonda Rivera
Bjorn Lynne Hope Is Always There (Stinger 03) - Bjorn Lynne
The Cucumbers Bridge of Love (Full Track) - The Cucumbers
Van Preston Why - Van Preston
Il Laboratorio del Ritmo We Wish You a Merry Christmas Vocal 10 Sec (Orc Cl W Bell) - Il Laboratorio del Ritmo
Suchitra Lata Summer Rain - Suchitra Lata
Paul Stirk So Damn in Love - Paul Stirk
Johnny Breton Summer Is Here (Sweet Celebration) - Johnny Breton
Linda Horwatt Love Song - Linda Horwatt
Amycanbe Climbing - Amycanbe
Right Track Torch of Love - Right Track
X: THC Don't Cry - X: THC
Andrew Van Garratt In the Yard - Andrew Van Garratt
John Christopher Thomas What I Say - John Christopher Thomas
Forward Momentum Prophecy Picnic Basketcase - Forward Momentum Prophecy
Justin Crosby Telling Me Lies (No Way Back) - Instrumental Mix - Justin Crosby
Ylia Dzlieri Love Lives On - Ylia Dzlieri
Red Sky Lullaby Gone - Red Sky Lullaby
Kevin Reardon Summer Sun (Instrumental W/Bgvs Oohs Only) - Kevin Reardon
Patrick Joseph Pale Skin - Patrick Joseph
Tom Hajduk Belladonna - Tom Hajduk
Johnny Azari Walking With Dante - Johnny Azari
Rob Johnson Ain't Doin' Nothin' - Rob Johnson
I’m Not Frank Star Trek - I'm Not Frank
Bao Thy Lung Chung Hanh Phuc - Bao Thy - Bao Thy
Mendes Brothers Tpa - Mendes Brothers
Doan Minh Gia Tu - Doan Minh
Coco Zhao City and I - Coco Zhao
Regina Smoler Ave Maria - Regina Smoler
Ana Alcaide Sephardic Moon - Ana Alcaide
Rewasese Entertainment Group Coka I Rara Ni Tabua - Rewasese Entertainment Group
Andrej Hrasko No Duele Mas - Andrej Hrasko
Altribe Band Ola Einai Stin Kardia - Altribe Band
Giang Hong Ngoc Het Roi Version 1 - Giang Hong Ngoc
Urpin Folklore Ensemble Dobry Vecer, Mila Moja - Urpin Folklore Ensemble
Nabeel Imam To Those Who Roam - Nabeel Imam
Edgardo Moreno Estrella - Edgardo Moreno
Hanjo Gabler Gott Ist Gut - Hanjo Gabler
Amazing Music Haunted Mansion - Amazing Music
DJ Purple Rabbit Giggling Bean - DJ Purple Rabbit
John Geraghty Dreams Are Made of These - Chorus Only - John Geraghty
Esther Garcia The Hidden Star - Esther Garcia
Ernesto Martin Singing Do 30sg (Cantando El Do 30sg) - Ernesto Martin
Ronan Doherty Discovery of Music and Sound Children Song 30 Secs - Ronan Doherty
Michael Wheeler Make a Big Splash - Michael Wheeler
Richard Jungles African Song - Richard Jungles
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Pimbo y Pombi 02 - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Joey Curtin Loretta the Mouse - Joey Curtin
Jonathan Geer Weightless - Jonathan Geer
Mark Knox Hiroshima - Mark Knox
Frenetic Sound Feelin' Happy - Frenetic Sound
Dream Valley Music Like a Bird (Flying High Remix) (60-secs version) - Dream Valley Music

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With over 42,900 vocal music tracks, take your productions to the next level! Our vocal music library empowers today's savvy TV and film producers and sound editors.

Featured Artist

David Harper

David Harper is a full time songwriter/producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. His handy-work can be found on Fox, ABC, CBS, HBO, CMT, Disney, and Showtime. Utilizing outstanding real musicians, his song library offers both acoustic and electric guitar-based music. With commercial high quality organic music played by expert musicians, this is what sets this library apart from the competition. You’ll find both breezy acoustic pieces and rockin’ electric guitar tunes. Dramatic pieces can be found here as well, like David's ultra-popular, heartrending Blessed Is The Storm.

Blessed Is the Storm
A very popular dramatic track. Plays brilliantly over catastrophic footage, aftermath of 911, a major flood or tsunami, settlement camps, war, people suffering, starvation or disaster. Sp...

Stand Up
Powerful and compelling protest track with great Christina Aguilera style power female vocal. This song is all about change, standing up, being accountable, making a difference by the num...

Feels So Right
All about that first kiss. Great tracks, done with top session musicians in Nashville, but it's pop. Lead vocalist is a fantastic 15 year old, full of life and fire. This song is all abou...

This Is Good
Strange mix of disco, electronica, 80s feeling vocal, with lyric of empowerment about getting somewhere & cars style guitar. Tuba solo is my favorite part, smack dab in the middle

Like It Or Not
Take your heart away kind of soft country-ish ballad with a superb female lead vocal. Singer draws you in with a lovely but pain-laced vocal letting you know she's out of options. These m...

I'm Your Best Friend
Traveling Wilburys style song, signature guitar lines, wonderful story line about best friends. Awesome chorus, very singable.

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Axel Antunes Big River - Axel Antunes
Right Track You Got No Sense - Right Track
Daniel Infuso Dream - Daniel Infuso
Mick Simpson Drowning in My Tears (2.59 Edit) - Mick Simpson
James Down Like My Religion - James Down
Jef Chandler Freedom - Jef Chandler
William Bures Keep Walking - William Bures
Jimmy Cicero Waiting for My Turn - Jimmy Cicero
Conscious X Everyday - Conscious X
Michael Rittenhouse Love Given - Michael Rittenhouse
Ibiza Fashion House In a Web - Ibiza Fashion House
Alexandre Molodkov Sweet Dreams - Alexandre Molodkov
2PartsAnalog Sexy Mother Master - 2PartsAnalog
Stiff Kittens Closing Credits - Stiff Kittens
Afrika - Artists of Ethiopia Awe Bade.9 - Afrika - Artists of Ethiopia
Nick Smeenk True to Me - Nick Smeenk
Valery Goldes You Are Everything to Me - Valery Goldes
Nine Lies Nothing Left for Me - Nine Lies
Mish O’Neill Save It - Mish O'Neill
Bjorn Lynne Gideon - Bjorn Lynne
Benny S Girl of My Dreams - Benny S
Shimal Uzu Menden - Shimal
Ethereal Motion Let's Get It Done - Ethereal Motion
Roeland Ruijsch Overpowered - Roeland Ruijsch
John Murray Battle - Middle Earth Fire Mountain - John Murray
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