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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Michael Keck Jerusalem Morning C - Michael Keck
Rikah Day After Day (De-Grees Rmx Edit) Loop - Rikah
Nicholas Pesci Carefree Moments (30sec) - Nicholas Pesci
Adagio Music You and I Can Be Together - Adagio Music
Vicki Hannah Lein Take a Stand for Love - Vicki Hannah Lein
Bao Thy 10 Minutes - Bao Thy
Bjorn Lynne Hope Is Always There (Loop 01) - Bjorn Lynne
Torfi Olafsson Keep Me in the Loop - Torfi Olafsson
Sunburn In Cyprus Busy Day On the Beach - Sunburn In Cyprus
Dean Anthony Caputo I Just Wanna Gogo (Tween Glam Pop Rock) - Dean Anthony Caputo
GREENLIGHTS Love, Faith, and Destiny - GREENLIGHTS
Kally O’Mally Close Your Eyes - Kally O'Mally
Masterwerk Skate Away - Masterwerk
Max DiCarlo Africana - Max DiCarlo
Piotr Pacyna Just Machines (30sec Version) - Piotr Pacyna
Cargo Cult Re-Entry (60sec Version 1) - Cargo Cult
Chris Michols Your Fault - Chris Michols
Kepha Peter Martin On Come Oh Come Emmanuel - Kepha Peter Martin
ElectroClash Zombie Dance (30 Sec) - ElectroClash
Jo Masino It's Gonna Get Better - Jo Masino
Crash Alley Fatal Attraction - Crash Alley
Jimmy Jeep Golden Streets - Jimmy Jeep
Fred Gross Shake It Up (Male Vocals) - Fred Gross
Graham Pagano They Will Bite - Graham Pagano
Alan Peter Everywhere Between Us - Alan Peter
Victor Marchese Summertime - Victor Marchese
Andrej Hrasko Hoy No Voy - Andrej Hrasko
Mez Comin' Home - Mez
Image Sounds Ubb Bkl - Image Sounds
Cafe Chaika Tuvan Experiment - Cafe Chaika
Anh Tai Rieng Minh Anh Co Don - Anh Tai
Denise Rivera Dicen (Final Mix) - Denise Rivera
Ho Anh Dung Voi Anh Em Van La Co Be - Ho Anh Dung
Ho Quang Hieu Em Chua Tung Biet - Ho Quang Hieu - Ho Quang Hieu
Stefano Fucili Il Pittore - Stefano Fucili
Lynda Lovett Dejame Estar Aqui - Lynda Lovett
Nataly Oryon Parole Nove - Nataly Oryon
Do Tu Tai Ai Noi Dan Ong Khong Khoc - Do Tu Tai
Bao Thy 10 Minutes - Bao Thy
Urpin Folklore Ensemble Od Lucenca - Urpin Folklore Ensemble
Tom Hajduk Koniec Sezonu (Slonce) - Tom Hajduk
Kahurangi Maori Kuiti - Kahurangi Maori
Michael Keck Umoja - the Children Sing for Unity - Michael Keck
Ori Vidislavski Child at Night (Loop 02) - Ori Vidislavski
Tim Brown We Stand United - Tim Brown
Christophe Espern Mon Doux Doudou - Christophe Espern
Nick Smeenk Haunted Dream - Nick Smeenk
Charlie Mac Count to 20 - Charlie Mac
Alan Fagan Check the Children - Alan Fagan
Richard Jungles African Song - Richard Jungles
John Geraghty Everything Will Be Rosy - John Geraghty
Adagio Music Angels We Have Heard On High - Adagio Music
Esther Garcia The Hidden Star - Esther Garcia
Annie McGee Silent Night - Eerie Boys Choir - Annie McGee
Max DiCarlo Up and Down - Max DiCarlo
Sergiu Muresan Children of Verdun - 1 Min Loop - Sergiu Muresan

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Featured Artist

Robin Munson

Robin Munson resides in Los Angeles and has been a singer-songwriter for over 20 years. She has played in clubs from Albuquerque to New York City. Two of her lullabies which she penned with her sister, Michele Brourman, were included on an album released by Blue Ribbon Music. The lyrics of a song Robin Munson wrote with her sister, “Better from Behind” were selected as part of an anthology of women’s writings “Crème De La Femme” to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Her ode to Norman Rockwell, “Like I See It” has been recorded by Dianne and Michael Killen.

Between Iraq and a Hard Place
After 9/11, young Billy leaves his single mom and enlists, and comes back a changed man. This production has a big rock feel and is acoustic piano-centric with distorted guitars and a har...

Somebody Other Than Me
This is an up-tempo, raucous country song with a rock country feel. Featuring a rockin' honky tonk piano and guitar solo as well as fiddle, harmonica and pedal steel. The song centers on ...

Runaway Train
Raucous, upbeat, with a driving rhythm that doesn't stop, super for dancing! This rockin' country up-tempo song takes you along for the ride. You'll hear the wail of the train whistle and...

I Don't Care (Do You?)
A young girl grapples with an awkward, new relationship with a clueless boy. The feeling is fresh, funny, with a lot of attitude and just a little edgy. Driving rhythm, playful and quirky...

Lucy's Song
A tender "slice of life" song about how sometimes, our most cherished hopes and desires to be there for those we love fall victim to the day-to-day necessities we all face.

Cottage By the Sea
A "slice of life" story that traces the span of a marriage centered on the couple's home, a "cottage by the sea". Written in 6/8, this song evokes the ocean with a steady rolling rhythm a...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Purple Mountain Girl in the Crescent Moon - Purple Mountain
Sonny King Love & Loud - Sonny King
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi Search for the One - (Lounge Edit ) - Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi
Alex Morch Light Through the Clouds - Alex Morch
Steve Urwin Water of Mystery - Steve Urwin
WarChild Ask Why - WarChild
Chris Michols Broken Lips - Chris Michols
Ron Verboom Relaxation Time - Ron Verboom
John Lee Sanders When to Leave - John Lee Sanders
Cosher Amy Tjasink - Average Jane - Cosher
Sundee Frazier I Need Jesus - Sundee Frazier
Elii Geba Flower of Babylon - Elii Geba
Ruben Font Light Song - Ruben Font
Michael Warner A Dog's Life - Michael Warner
The Snowmen Here Comes the Snowman - The Snowmen
Mark Dorricott Late Night Blue - Mark Dorricott
Matthew Reid Epic Spaghetti Western - Matthew Reid
Herrick Ep Too Much Too Little - Herrick
Chushingura Track 8 - Chushingura
Kristofer Eng One Sunday in June - Kristofer Eng
Angie Turnbull So Wrong - Angie Turnbull
Yigit Atilla Moonshine - Yigit Atilla
Alexander John Ericson The Black Forest - Alexander John Ericson
Vladimir Kalpin La Barca Stinger - Vladimir Kalpin
Ringtone Voodoo Cow Hip-Hop - Ringtone Voodoo
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