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Vocal Music for Creative and Commercial Uses
Top 100 Vocal Tracks by Genre

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Below are just some of the cool vocal tracks on our site, perfect for use in TV, film, motion pictures, in-store music and much more.  Listen to the world-class music now!

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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
DJ Juri Ainowa - DJ Juri
Julian Scott Festival Waltz - Julian Scott
Simone Mencarelli Do You Wanna - Simone Mencarelli
Dream Valley Music Sacred Aura - Dream Valley Music
Carol Hahn If This Is Love (Julian Marsh Club Mix) - Carol Hahn
Ana Alcaide 10 Ay que casas! - Ana Alcaide
Saleem Razvi Temptress (Vocal) - Saleem Razvi
Massimiliano Franceschin Accent - Massimiliano Franceschin
Rik Roberts Anasheed Breeze - Rik Roberts
Damir Kolakovic Animal - Damir Kolakovic
David Harper Stand Up - David Harper
Mish O’Neill My Best Friend's Wedding - Mish O'Neill
Christine Kounnas Steal - Christine Kounnas
MX47 Greensleeves - MX47
Kenny Mac Whiskey Gypsy - Kenny Mac
Jerry Drake It's Calypso, It's Such a Show - Jerry Drake
Jack Budd Mother Mary Bridge Lp2 - Jack Budd
AmazighSoul Amazighian Freedom - AmazighSoul
Ariel Kalma I Don't Want to Fall in Love With You - Ariel Kalma
Rocketboat No Consolation - Rocketboat
Michael Corn Joy - Michael Corn
Matthew Reid Funny Dog Montage - Matthew Reid
Adagio Music You Can Feel the Fire - Adagio Music
Big Prod Sounds Dans Ma Tête - Big Prod Sounds
Nathan King Lines - Nathan King
Joseph Iacano Highway to Home - Joseph Iacano
Doug Kidder Winter Rain (The Incredibly Happygolucky Version) - Doug Kidder
Greg Trafidlo Love Em While You Got Em - Greg Trafidlo
Lyra Hero (Tim Taler Voodoo Wind Mix) - Lyra
Afghan Ensemble Molla Mamadjan - Afghan Ensemble
Bang Di Het Yeu - Bang Di
Giang Hong Ngoc Tin Nhan Cua Anh - Giang Hong Ngoc
Ohiro Hiro Mai Rote Po Uri Nei (From the Darkness to Here) - Ohiro Hiro
Atsuo Nitta Dazed By Love (Japanese) - Atsuo Nitta
Gary D. Goa Trance (60 sec) - Gary D.
Nigel Male Trans Asia - Nigel Male
Hien Thuc Loi Xua - Hien Thuc
Denise Rivera Vaya Caramba (Remix) - Denise Rivera
Pollyanna Alves Oi - Pollyanna Alves
Dzoan Minh Cho Toi Nghe Lai Mua Xuan - Dzoan Minh
Silega y Joe La Locura - Silega y Joe
Bendaly Family El-Jerdel Ali (The Highest Mountain) - Bendaly Family
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Pombi y Pimbo 01 - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Stoyan Ganev Dream Logo - Stoyan Ganev
The Ambient Society Sacrament Song 2011 Choir - The Ambient Society
DJ Purple Rabbit Giggling Bean - DJ Purple Rabbit
David C. Hewitt The Horror #7 (Nursery) - David C. Hewitt
Max DiCarlo Up and Down - Max DiCarlo
Richard Jungles African Song Rt - Richard Jungles
Tim Brown We Stand United - Tim Brown
Christophe Espern Le Sorcier Hichmouk - Christophe Espern
Travis Scharn Avazila - Travis Scharn
Louise Heaney He's Behind You - Louise Heaney
Carlos Estella Bloodiness of War - Carlos Estella
Ronan Doherty Discovery of Music and Sound Children Song 30 Secs - Ronan Doherty
Jonathan Geer Weightless - Jonathan Geer

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A Hot Resource for Vocal Music!

With over 39,000 vocal music tracks, take your productions to the next level! Our vocal music library empowers today's savvy TV and film producers and sound editors.

Featured Artist

Misfits and Thieves

Misfits & Thieves are a couple of outlaws from Tennessee, and they're on the run with some of the hottest music this side of the Ozarks. Recent sightings include placements of the track "I Believe In Something" in various Cable TV Series, including "Dance Moms: Miami," "My Cat From Hell," "Raising Sextuplets," and "NY Ink," as well as NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." Boasting a voice that is both melodic and powerful, Misfits & Thieves preferred genres include Roots Rock, Indie Pop, Americana, Alt Country, and Modern Piano Ballads.

I Believe in Something
Beautiful ballad about struggling to make it in an unfair world from the perspective when you're down on their luck. Piano, strings, soulful male vocals. Touching, nostalgic & pensive. Pl...

I'll See You Down the Road
Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye.......this is an uplifting, wholesome, Americana-tinted anthem about moving on down the line....perfect for all audiences and any scenes about waving go...

Do You Even Miss Me at All?
Why haven't you called? Do you even miss me at all? Soulful male vocal, lost and longing, pensive and a little bittersweet. The eternal dilemma of waiting by the phone for someone you lov...

I Will Protect You
I will protect you from this evil world, even if I have to give up my own life! Ominous, powerful, passionate hard rock song about protection something that is more important than yoursel...

Tiptoe Through the Graveyard
A theatrical Halloween Rock song about taking a shortcut through the graveyard on the way home and being chased by creepy crawly things. This song has a great "somebody's watching me" ver...

I Knew What You Wanted
Intimate piano ballad about breaking up and admitting that you were not the man she needed.

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Rapster Tamashii - Rapster
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi Love for Present -Vari- - Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi
Shawn Lat Loof I've Seen - Shawn Lat
Steve Urwin Santa's Funky Workshop - Steve Urwin
Golden Bough Praise Midwinter - Golden Bough
John Judd Wisdom - John Judd
Bjarne O. Christmas Rap - Bjarne O.
StashHouse Entertainment Let's Go - StashHouse Entertainment
dB Fresh Dance Commercial (Radio Version) - dB Fresh
Noel McLoughlin & Ger O’Donnell God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Noel McLoughlin & Ger O’Donnell
Larry Warren Everybody Loves You - Larry Warren
Texas Gypsies Italian Christmas Song - Texas Gypsies
Anatoly Shestopalov Space and Time - Anatoly Shestopalov
The Answer Productions To the World and Beyond - The Answer Productions
Alain Debaisieux Climbing To The Top - Alain Debaisieux
Jeremiah M. Soto Bol One - Jeremiah M. Soto
Kortney Jean Cowgirl Up - Kortney Jean
Dane Wyler All Good - Dane Wyler
Donna Marie Silent Night Vocal 1 Verse - Donna Marie
Steve Dafoe Holiday Time - Steve Dafoe
Arthur Richardson Summer Time - Arthur Richardson
Greg Trafidlo Noche Buena En Tecate - Greg Trafidlo
Stefano Fucili L'Italia Che Cambia Siamo Noi - Stefano Fucili
Blind Coyote Island Hopping - Blind Coyote
Cary Kanno In the Barrio - Cary Kanno

vocal music

choir music,
music vocals,
vocals only,
just vocals,
vocal songs,
vocal song,
vocal choral music,
choral vocal music,
vocal piano music,
piano vocal music,
classical vocal music,
vocal classical music,
jazz vocals,
jazz vocal music,
vocal jazz music,
vocal christmas music,
christmas vocals,
christmas vocal music,
vocal christmas,
vocal music,
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