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Vocal Music for Production Uses and In-Store Music
Arakne Mediterranea Tarantella Del Gargano - Arakne Mediterranea
Origen Handel: Lascia Ch'Io Pianga From Opera Rinaldo - Origen
Oscar Salguero Sunset With You (60 Sec Loop) - Oscar Salguero
Bendaly Family Ma Bensa (Unforgettable) - Bendaly Family
Jack Wyles Club Vibe - Jack Wyles
Purple Mountain The Only Way Out of the Blues - Purple Mountain
Philip Curran Halloween Witches - Philip Curran
Music Candy All Works Out 30 Secs - Music Candy
Verona Music Facts of Life - Verona Music
Giacomo Rita Ainwen's Theme - Giacomo Rita
Rebekah Withakay Blue Tattoo - Rebekah Withakay
Entropik Belladonna With Soprano - Entropik
Raizes do Fado Operaria Fadista - Raizes do Fado
Deep Come Alive - Deep
Steve Willoughby The River (Let Me Roll) Male Vocals - Steve Willoughby
Urpin Folklore Ensemble Od Lucenca - Urpin Folklore Ensemble
Seven Sunshine - Seven
Indie-Go Blue 11.59 - Indie-Go Blue
Mandrike Dance With You - Mandrike
Michael Behm Ghost Remix of You and I (Remix) - Michael Behm
David Van Walker Just Like the Movies - David Van Walker
Music Candy Caught By the River 30sec Instrumental - Music Candy
The Blessed Virgin Larry The Demon Within - The Blessed Virgin Larry
Will Graettinger Rural Electrification Administration - Will Graettinger
Chris Lutz Skyline - Chris Lutz
Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi Next Generation 30sec. A - Arpad-Zsolt Domahidi
Nagbansi The Indian Friend - Nagbansi
Pierre Mineault Pull Me Back - Pierre Mineault
Kanizsa Csillagai Ajoj, Urtasje (Oh, My Friend) - Kanizsa Csillagai
LES - Lazzeri Ermini Salucco In Your Hand - LES - Lazzeri Ermini Salucco
Delio y Misterio Dame Tu Numero - Delio y Misterio
Ena Vie Od Yavo - Ena Vie
Andrej Hrasko Mala Suerte (Reggae Vox) - Andrej Hrasko
Michael Keck Umoja - the Children Sing for Unity - Michael Keck
Mark Caesar - The Physician El Cambio de Amor - Mark Caesar - The Physician
Anh Tai Mot Lan Nua Yeu - Anh Tai
HKT Doi Tra - HKT
Thailand Ethnic Ensemble Loy Krathong (Festival Song) - Thailand Ethnic Ensemble
ElevenTwelve African Adventure Part 2 (60 Sec) - ElevenTwelve
Complicated Animals O Que Passou - Complicated Animals
The Burning Bush Arvoles Iloran Por Iluvias - The Burning Bush
Deben Bhattacharya Morning Prayer in Golden Temple - Deben Bhattacharya
Jeff Iantorno Skip to My Lou (Instrumental Version) - Jeff Iantorno
Annie McGee Silent Night - Eerie Boys Choir - Annie McGee
DJ Purple Rabbit Giggling Bean - DJ Purple Rabbit
Jive Ass Sleepers Creepy Kid - Jive Ass Sleepers
Really Free Music I Asked My Mother for 50 Cents - Really Free Music
Francisco Jimenez Good King Wenceslas Spanish - Francisco Jimenez
Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn African Shores - Geoff Harvey & Chris Martyn
Richard Jungles African Song Rt - Richard Jungles
The Ambient Society Sacrament Song 2011 Choir - The Ambient Society
Esther Garcia The Hidden Star - Esther Garcia
Tim Brown We Stand United - Tim Brown
Juan Pablo Zaragoza Pombi y Pimbo 01 - Juan Pablo Zaragoza
Disquiet Music Earthsaverz - Disquiet Music
Mark Knox Hiroshima - Mark Knox

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Featured Artist

Rob Johnson

LA composer, songwriter and entertainer Rob Johnson has had his music featured in dozens of TV shows such as How I Met Your Mother, America's Got Talent, American Idol Rewind, Lets Make A Deal, Mad Love, Flipping Out, Parental Control, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, What Chilli Wants, Ace Of Cakes, and many others. Other projects for which he has composed music include trailers for Madea’s Family Reunion and Daddy’s Little Girl (both for Lionsgate); Scoop, starring Hugh Jackman (Focus Features); Waiting, starring Ryan Reynolds (Lionsgate).

Little White Lie
Neo-60s pop song. Deliciously scathing lyrics dressed up in a super fun 60s dance groove. Great underscore for a deceptive character or as fun source music for a party or bar etc. Could a...

Ain't Doin' Nothin'
Bluesy jazz song about doing everything you can to make your lover happy but not getting the same thing in return. Cool groove, soulful with lyrics and love going down the drain. Male ang...

That Christmas Spirit Thing
Fun holiday song about trying to trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Catchy tune with a nice story.

A quirky pop song that's about following your bliss and living life fearlessly. A catchy song sung by a young female vocalist. Great music to add a hip and fun vibe to your production. Pe...

Just Say Love
A beautiful piano ballad about letting down your guard and being open to finding love. The lyric is a plea to let love into your heart and let go of any fear and doubt. Sung soulfully and...

No One People
Emotional and serious ballad with a good groove. Lyrics that celebrate ordinary people and reject celebrity culture. A lilting, beautiful song about the joys in life once you realize the ...

New Vocal Tracks on Site
Jude Beat Fine Acoustic Version - Jude Beat
Steve Urwin Water of Mystery - Steve Urwin
Medium Date Cuenta - Medium
Steve "Daddy-O" Byers Fries With That Shake - Steve "Daddy-O" Byers
Benny Bellamacina Funky Vibe - Benny Bellamacina
Ladrão A Paz Não Está Perdida - Ladrão
Brian Charles Rice Your Eyes Said It All - Brian Charles Rice
Michael Warner Stayhome Girl (5 Secs) - Michael Warner
Craig Dodge Amnesia - Craig Dodge
Ron Verboom Black Water - Ron Verboom
Victor Marchese Fandango - Victor Marchese
Peter Bennborn Project Together As One - Peter Bennborn Project
Matt Kjeldsen Do It Again - Matt Kjeldsen
Steve Kroeger Steve Kroeger Ft. Skye Holland - Paradise - Steve Kroeger
Ira Ingber 1 Mr Parker's Cadillac - Ira Ingber
Katey Laurel Zik Ft. Katey Laurel - Stars - Katey Laurel
Adagio Music Happy Heart Joyful Mind - Adagio Music
Adam Bradbury Inside Out - Adam Bradbury
Dustin Taylor Phillips Young and Free (60-Secs Version) - Dustin Taylor Phillips
Nora Berg Rude Boy Reggaeton - Nora Berg
David Harbottle When Nothings Going Your Way - David Harbottle
Anatoly Shestopalov Night Flying - Anatoly Shestopalov
Young Tibay Born Ta Risez - Young Tibay
The Snowmen Here Comes the Snowman - The Snowmen
Marcin Gasiewicz I Don't Care (Original Mix) - Marcin Gasiewicz
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