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Discover music of western European origin, including music from England, Spain, France, Germany and all other countries in the European Union. Featuring breathtaking ballads and proud bagpipe music from Scotland and Ireland, rousing Oktoberfest and martial music from Germany, hot Tangos for Bohemian wanderlust movies, vibrant and playful Italian tracks for travel spots -- and everything in between. We also have Classical compositions, Arias and trendy club music ideal for car commercials, product branding and exciting travel promos.


  35  Austrian music
  26  Basque (Euskadi) music
  3  Danish music
  3  European | Vintage | Military March music
  2  European | Vintage | Orchestral Vocals
  9  European | Vintage | Patriotic War Songs
  953  European | Vintage music
  315  European music
  16  European music (pending categorization)
  430  French music
39  French Pop
  71  German music
  46  Greek Contemporary Pop
  41  Greek Contemporary Rock
  211  Greek Traditional music
  37  Icelandic music
  454  Italian music
  51  Norwegian music
  31  Portuguese music
444  Spanish | Flamenco music
332  Spanish music
  85  Swedish music
  134  UK / English music
  786  UK / Irish (Gaelic) music
  609  UK / Scottish (Celtic) music
  13  UK / Welsh music
5,176 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Rob Johnson

Joel Francisco Perri

Adam Skorupa

Steve Rice

Francesco Accardo

Max DiCarlo

Louise Heaney

Kaloyan Dimitrov

Il Laboratorio del Ritmo

Anthony Graham

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