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Dance music comes in many different forms, from Disco to Hip Hop. Dance music became its own genre in the mid-'70s, as soul mutated into disco and whole clubs were devoted to dancing. By the end of the 1970s, new dance genres began to emerge rapidly, though there were distinct differences between Dance-Pop, Hip Hop, House, and Techno, among others. What tied them all together was their emphasis on rhythm - in dance subgenres, the beat is king. In addition to contemporary dance forms, there is a long and varied tradition of dance throughout the world, through virtually all cultures and countries. Here we present the major contemporary and traditional dance forms for your enjoyment and projects requiring any form of dance music.


Contemporary Dance
317  Alternative Dance
  104  Balearic Beat
1,250  Breakbeat
  41  Cheerleading music
  134  Dance Music (pending categorization)
  40  Dance MusicPacks
  2,657  Dance-Pop
  444  Disco | Classic Disco
  866  Disco | Nu-Disco
100  Disco | Space Disco
70  Electro Swing
149  Electroclash
  192  Eurodance
  66  Euro-hop
  197  Experimental / Novelty Dance
  215  Hard Trance
  109  Hardcore Techno
  250  Hi NRG
  184  House | Acid House
595  House | Ambient House
  521  House | Deep House
  1,019  House | Electro House
404  House | Fashion House
  209  House | Hard House
  161  House | Hip House
  225  House | Latin House
  28  House DJ compilation mixes
  2,860  House music
1,260  Pop/EDM
  158  Rave
  1,954  Techno
  1,627  Trance
2  Tropical Pop
  164  World Dance

Traditional and Popular
  961  Ballet
  684  Ballroom Dancing
  809  Belly Dance
  161  Bolero
  878  Bossa Nova
  222  Cha cha
  16  Chacarera
  160  Charleston
  98  Clogging
  220  Court Dancing
  86  Cumbia
  543  Flamenco
  1,357  Folk Dance
  168  Foxtrot
  1,092  Go-Go
  580  Jig
  597  Jitterbug
  435  Krumping
  711  Line Dancing
  222  Mambo
  95  Maypole Dance
  138  Merengue
  147  Minuet
  42  Paso Doble
  205  Polka
  186  Quickstep
  380  Reel
  390  Rumba
  1,043  Salsa
  734  Samba
  176  Shag
  1,765  Slow Dance
  322  Sock Hop
  273  Square Dance
  565  Tango
  83  Tarantella
  515  Two-Step
  1,314  Waltz
36,945 Total Tracks
Best-Selling Tracks

Leon Ayers, Jr.

Enea Saccozza

DJ Skillmaster

Neil Dawson

Wayne Numan

Fabrizio Levita


J Osada

Massimiliano Franceschin


Miroslav Safin

Piotr Pacyna

Yinon Oved

Mikael Manvelyan

Andrew Smith

Ron Komie

Said Koubaa

Massimiliano Franceschin

Amo McCarron

Jive Ass Sleepers

Denise Rivera

The Blessed Virgin Larry

Music Candy

Roeland Ruijsch

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