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Old Countries, New Charm, Great Music
Amazing Music from Europe for Authentic Film, TV and Media Production

The Definitive European Music Library - We have thousands of music tracks from countries throughout Europe, including Italy, Ireland, Greece, England, Spain, Germany, Austria, Norway, and more. Our Euro music library  has hotsy Tangos for Bohemian wanderlust movies,  sentimental Celtic melodies for Irish love stories, vibrant and playful Italian tracks for your Spaghetti Westerns -- and everything in between. We also have Classical compositions, Arias and trendy club music for your Mercedes or Yves St. Laurent commercial or picturesque travel extravaganza. Our Instant Search will help you quickly find the right music or sound effects to get your production onto the big screen.

From Stonehenge to the Roman Colosseum to Post-War Germany - Whether you have a funny Sitcom about a Greek family, a heartwarming film  reminiscent of The Sound of Music, or an extreme sports documentary filmed in the Bavarian Alps -- or a Rom-Com about the British Royals in their storied London and UK Palaces – we have just the right music and sound effects to guarantee success for your production.

Top European Artists

Max DiCarlo Max DiCarlo
Music Candy Music Candy
Kepha Peter Martin Kepha Peter Martin
Mikis Theodorakis Mikis Theodorakis
Stefano Fucili Stefano Fucili
Joel Francisco Perri Joel Francisco Perri
Steve Rice Productions Steve Rice Productions
Art Munson Art Munson
Really Free Music Really Free Music
Gli Amici di Bologna Gli Amici di Bologna

New European Tracks

David Scance Walk By the Seine
Skip Peck Stay
Jakaranda French Café
Skip Peck Sad But Hopeful
Eric Bolvin Pink Polka
Eric Bolvin Pink Polka tam
Hanjo Gabler Week of the Greek
Jo Masino Mediterranean Tale
Jo Masino An Italian in America
Joel Francisco Perri Torna a Sorriento


Top European Tracks

Music Candy Mmm La La
Vintage Music Library Deutschland Erwache
Kepha Peter Martin Parisian Summers
Stefano Fucili Splendido Capitolo
Andrea Ravizza Italian Style
Max DiCarlo Italian Inspiration
Mikis Theodorakis Zorba the Greek
Regina Smoler Tarantella
David Harper Vino
Ross Milligan Midnight Bistro
Korrontzi 04 Sardos-K
Skip Peck Your Sweet Caress
Music Candy Beer and Pretzel Pol..
Kepha Peter Martin Mattinata
Max DiCarlo Italian Traditional
Art Munson Lovers in Tuscany -..
Kepha Peter Martin French Blue Valse
Vintage Music Library Inno Trionfale Del P..
Il Laboratorio del Ritmo Celtic Dream
Tempero Funiculi Funicula
Texas Gypsies Guitar Twins
Steve Rice Productions Valse Rouge
Alex Tumanian Sunset in Paris
Vintage Music Library Die Wacht Am Rhein M..
Vintage Music Library Die Fahne Hoch
Ioanna & Areti Spanomarkou Thelw Agapi Ki Erwta
Vintage Music Library Bomben Auf England -..
Art Munson Tarantella Mischief..
Alec Makinson O Sole Mio
Gordon McLeod The Abbeyfeale Polkas
Ross Milligan The Gondoliers Dream
Max DiCarlo Italian Romantica
Jeremy Sherman Ouzo
Don Taylor Mythos
Fabrice Mogini Carousel
Nicola Giunta Western Taranta
Francesco Accardo Ratatouille
Gli Amici di Bologna Sulla Terrazza
Gary Wolk Celtic Sunrise
Jakaranda French Café
Enea Saccozza Gumbo
Max DiCarlo Sweet Memories of La..
Don Taylor Syrtaki Street
Igge Scoce Amazing Grace - Bagp..
Ori Vidislavski Tango La Vida
Andy L Athens Calling
Chris Hodges Smoky French Bar
Colin Willsher Crazy Swedes
Vintage Music Library Jugend Gehen Marschi..
Art Munson Irish Dancer
Music Candy Beer and Pretzel Polka
Pat McCarthy Pasta Sauce Please
Alec Makinson O Maiden Fair
Really Free Music Celtic Dawn
Zev Weinstein Venice Café Promenade
Case In Point Flew Half the World
Skip Peck Kittens
Steve Rice Productions Paris Cafe Mood - Fr..
Howard Richman French Waltz Number 2
Alec Makinson God Save the Queen
Giorgos Galanos and Margarita Staikou Fotia
Rob Laber Feast of the Nobles
Thomas Stobierski La Normandie
Tom Rae Paris Past
Really Free Music Amelise
Gli Amici di Bologna Vota Antonio
Really Free Music Three Hornpipes
Golden Bough The Keel Laddie
Erik Haddad Critters
Aaron J Curtis Lullabye de France
Jeremy Sherman Biarritz Baby
Abbas Premjee Siciliana
Greg Patmore Welsh Ballad
Music Candy Beer and Pretzel Pol..
Joel Francisco Perri Balatta Siciliana
Max DiCarlo Italian Moment
Dynamite Chick Publishing Pizza Italiano
Ori Vidislavski Song of Sicily
Nitzan Sagie The Ghetto
Emmett Cooke Bucks of Oranmore
Alec Makinson Like Mama Used to Make
Muthiko Alaiak Fanfarrea Laburdiko Fandangoa
Jens Larsson Midsomer in Sweden
Michael Keck Welsh Lullaby
Stonehaven Pipe Band Scotland the Brave
Michalis Terzis Serenata No. 2 - Ser..
Mark Allaway Tango Francaise
Nataly Oryon Te Voglio Bene Asaje
Rob Laber La Cara Mia Roma
Really Free Music Lord Inchiquin
Vintage Music Library German Ns March - Wi..
SAE Old World
Olivier Olsen The Celtic Legende
Texas Gypsies Spells Amore
Amazing Music French Bliss
Alec Makinson A Pizza Heaven
Eddie Caldwell Croatian Classics Fe..
Ori Vidislavski Song of Sicily
Really Free Music Weeting Fair
Gli Amici di Bologna La Bolognina

Genre List

European Vintage
French Pop
Greek Pop
Greek Rock
Greek Traditional

Italian Music
Heartwarming contemporary and traditional music for sunsets in Tuscany or big family celebrations, chic Italian restaurants, sidewalk cafes, trendy clubs, and sentimental, romantic music for Godfather themes. Fun, zippy tracks like Ratatoille for Italian Cooking Shows, travel themes or rom-coms.

Max DiCarlo Italian Traditional - Max DiCarlo
Francesco Accardo Ratatouille - Francesco Accardo
Art Munson Tarantella Mischief - Full - Art Munson
Tempero Funiculi Funicula - Tempero
Donna Marie Santa Lucia - Donna Marie
Max DiCarlo Italian Inspiration - Max DiCarlo
Joel Francisco Perri Balatta Siciliana - Joel Francisco Perri
Kepha Peter Martin Mattinata - Kepha Peter Martin
Nicola Giunta Western Taranta - Nicola Giunta
Texas Gypsies Spells Amore - Texas Gypsies
Flavio Cucchi Larghetto - Flavio Cucchi
Ori Vidislavski Song of Sicily - Ori Vidislavski
Gli Amici di Bologna Vota Antonio - Gli Amici di Bologna
Donna Marie O Mio Babbino Caro - Donna Marie
Lorenzo Piani Midnight Blue - Lorenzo Piani
Alec Makinson O Sole Mio - Alec Makinson
Rudy Pusateri Latino Matino - Rudy Pusateri
Lynda Lovett Lasciami Stare Con Te - Lynda Lovett
David Harper Vino - David Harper
Il Laboratorio del Ritmo Roma - Il Laboratorio del Ritmo

Irish Music
Whether sweet and sublime or wild and vivid, you will enjoy Irish Fiddles, Flutes, Bodhran drums, and Whistles aplenty. With nostalgic tracks like Danny Boy or the ritual cadence of the Irish bagpipe (or warpipes), there is much to love here. Enjoy our composers' lively Irish Jigs, Reels and Polkas for festive cultural events on the famous and beautiful Emerald Isle.

Bjorn Lynne Danny Boy - Bjorn Lynne
Bjorn Lynne The Jolly Beggar - Bjorn Lynne
Jeremy Sherman Musical Priest - Jeremy Sherman
Gordon McLeod The Abbeyfeale Polkas - Gordon McLeod
Art Munson Irish Dancer - Art Munson
Igge Scoce Amazing Grace - Bagpipes & Drums - Igge Scoce
Really Free Music Celtic Dawn - Really Free Music
Johnny Breton Dance of the Green and Gold - Johnny Breton
Really Free Music Lord Inchiquin - Really Free Music
El McMeen The Humors of Ballyloughlin - El McMeen
Audiverse The Homeward Hornpipe - Audiverse
Gordon McLeod Danny Murphy's Reel - Gordon McLeod
Sashqxxx Celtic Harp - Sashqxxx
Gordon McLeod The Earl's Chair - Gordon McLeod
Really Free Music Donnybrook Fair - Dingle Regatta - Really Free Music
Really Free Music Weeting Fair - Really Free Music
Jason Savell The Coming Battle - Jason Savell
Leland Thomas Faegre Pipes of Peace - Leland Thomas Faegre
Sean McCabe Cavan Is My Home - Sean McCabe
Linq Irish Lass - Linq

French Music
From hot French-flavored underground club grooves with rousing vocals, to light comedy and enough sentimental love songs to stroll for days on the Seine or for underscore for chic perfume or haute couture commercials. Whether you need music for a sidewalk cafe or Left Bank gallery, or an operatic aria from Carmen, we're your one-stop shop for French Music...

Music Candy Mmm La La - Music Candy
Alex Tumanian Sunset in Paris - Alex Tumanian
La Laque Secret - La Laque
Richard Freitas Une Petite Chanson - Richard Freitas
Big Prod Sounds Toi Et Moi - Big Prod Sounds
Stefan Meylaers A Gypsy in Paris - Stefan Meylaers
Kepha Peter Martin Parisian Summers - Kepha Peter Martin
Ori Vidislavski Tango La Vida - Ori Vidislavski
Thomas Stobierski La Normandie - Thomas Stobierski
Amazing Music French Bliss - Amazing Music
Kepha Peter Martin French Blue Valse - Kepha Peter Martin
Aaron J Curtis Lullabye de France - Aaron J Curtis
La Laque Le Week-End - La Laque
Skip Peck Paris Smiles - Skip Peck
Mark Allaway Tango Francaise - Mark Allaway
Enea Saccozza Cucciolo - Enea Saccozza
Regina Smoler Habanera - Regina Smoler
Johnny Breton Musette Waltz - Johnny Breton
Kaloyan Dimitrov Solar Highway - Kaloyan Dimitrov
Ariel Kalma Et Les Etoiles Guident Mes Pas - Ariel Kalma

Scottish Music
From the Celtic highlands to the Irish Sea, and then again around the world, the music of Scotland resonates deeply. The Great Highland Bagpipe produces a music that is forever tied to Scotland, yet its music is more diverse, featuring a rousing mix of traditional and contemporary music.

Michael Keck A Scottish Love - Michael Keck
Jeremy Sherman Lanagan's Ball - Jeremy Sherman
Golden Bough The Keel Laddie - Golden Bough
Stonehaven Pipe Band Scotland the Brave - Stonehaven Pipe Band
Beyond The Pale The Drunken Piper - Beyond The Pale
The Music Bakery Celtic Ensemble 3:36 - The Music Bakery
Donna Marie Kesh Jig - Donna Marie
Eaves & Cribb Isle of Dreams - Eaves & Cribb
Michael Keck Lord Goring March A - Michael Keck
The March - Chris Ball
Michael Wheeler Homecoming - Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler Bonnie Mary Jane - Michael Wheeler
Michael Keck Lady Mortimer's Lover - Michael Keck
Margie Butler Lea Rig-Kind Robin - Margie Butler
Margie Butler Suo Gan - Margie Butler
Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band Kilworth Hills - Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band
Golden Bough The Lark in the Clear Air - Golden Bough
Annie McGee Bagpipes - Scottish Traditional Music - Annie McGee
Michael Keck A Scottish Tale - Michael Keck
Gordon McLeod Drunken Piper - Gordon McLeod

Greek Music
From traditional mazurkas to lush and trendy club music, our composers have created a world-class selection of music featuring the Outi, Bouzouki, Gaida, and other indigenous instruments for stories of travel to the exotic Greek isles. Perfect for family and kids party music, for contemporary or traditional films, commercials, documentaries, TV shows or corporate branding projects.

Don Taylor Syrtaki Street - Don Taylor
Michalis Terzis Serenata No. 2 - Serenade - Michalis Terzis
The Marcians Mathe Pyia - The Marcians
Alexander Khaskin Funky Greek - Alexander Khaskin
Jeremy Sherman Ouzo - Jeremy Sherman
Michalis Terzis Odos Athinas--Athenas Street - Michalis Terzis
Don Taylor Late Again - Don Taylor
Really Free Music Isthmus - Really Free Music
Stefanos M. Makris Avgolemono Soup - Stefanos M. Makris
Lamberto Salucco Greek Introduction - Part One - Lamberto Salucco
Alec Makinson Moonlight Over the Acropolis - Alec Makinson
Demetrios Kousathanas Never On Sunday - Demetrios Kousathanas
Andy L Athens Calling - Andy L
Michalis Terzis O Dromos Gia Tin Olympia--The Road.. - Michalis Terzis
Music Candy Jamas - Music Candy
Alec Makinson Like Mama Used to Make - Alec Makinson
Mikis Theodorakis Zorba the Greek - Mikis Theodorakis
Michalis Terzis Likavitos--A Hill in Athens - Michalis Terzis
Eleni Vitali Ki Anarwtiemai - and I Ask Myself - Eleni Vitali
Doukissa Where Are You Going Without Love -.. - Doukissa

English Music
Hilarious and playful drinking songs for lively pub scenes, romantic comedy, documentaries about the Royals or the Upstairs/Downstairs bunch. Music in every genre designed to match the droll and witty British sense of humor long admired around the world. Big picture music to accompany overviews of lush meadows, castle tours, coastal travel.

Bjorn Lynne Scarborough Fair - Bjorn Lynne
Katrina Bishop Good Night for Stars - Katrina Bishop
Rob Laber English Country Walk - Rob Laber
Really Free Music Three Hornpipes - Really Free Music
Alec Makinson Greensleeves - Alec Makinson
Colin Willsher Meanwhile in England - Colin Willsher
Colin Willsher Great Britain? - Colin Willsher
The City Waites Cuckolds All in a Row - The City Waites
Alec Makinson Me Old Cock Sparrow - Alec Makinson
The City Waites The Rakes of Mallow - Sweeps Hornpipe - The City Waites
The City Waites Lumps of Pudding - The City Waites
Rudy Pusateri One Night in London - Rudy Pusateri
Alec Makinson God Save the Queen - Alec Makinson
El McMeen The Lea Rig - El McMeen
Ben Sands Good to Be Home - Ben Sands
Ben Sands Farewell to the Town - Ben Sands
Really Free Music Brighton Camp - Really Free Music
Bjorn Lynne The Bonny Boy - Bjorn Lynne
David C. Hewitt Construe My Meaning - David C. Hewitt
David C. Hewitt My Prime of Youth - David C. Hewitt

Spanish Music
For hot traditional Flamenco guitars or sassy Spanish Tangos -- from Malaga to Madrid to Barcelona, shop right here! Rhythmic, sexy and alluring music for fashion, glamour, travel, and drama have been passionate mainstays in Spain forever. Whether you need lively party music or sentimental love songs like Sapphires and Silk, or exotic and sensual club music, we’ve got you covered!

Daniel Fríes Alegrias - Daniel Fríes
Alexander Khaskin Spanish Matador of 21 Century - Alexander Khaskin
Pere Soto Mediterranean Bolero - Pere Soto
Pere Soto Bolero Para Arely - Pere Soto
William Pearson La Ciudad Hermosa - William Pearson
Jaleo Buleria 1 Buleria 2 - Jaleo
Robert Brannan Capricho Arabe - Robert Brannan
Lalo Olivares Buleria Del Abuelo - Lalo Olivares
Sabugo Tente Firme! Corri-Corri - Sabugo Tente Firme!
Really Free Music Ailia - Really Free Music
Darren W. Chamberlain España - Darren W. Chamberlain
Martijn de Man Tango Rosario - Martijn de Man
Richard Freitas Sapphires and Silk - Richard Freitas
Daniel Fríes Granadinas - Daniel Fríes
Texas Gypsies Spanish Passion and Fire - Texas Gypsies
Enea Saccozza Retirate Nina - Enea Saccozza
Skip Peck My Honey Babe - Skip Peck
Skip Peck For Evermore - Skip Peck
Skip Peck A Source of Pride - Skip Peck
Denise Rivera Si No Hubiera Mas Dias Que Hoy - Denise Rivera

German Music
Lively Beer Hall drinking songs and Oktoberfest commercials, bouncy Polkas, hot nocturnal club music from Berlin, romantic Bavarian melodies, or zippy music for Autobahn road trips or a BMW or Mercedes commercial -- here you’ll find music from the 1900s to present day compositions. Also check out our scary U-Boat chase track for your World War II documentary or movie trailer.

Music Candy Beer and Pretzel Polka Topline - Music Candy
Vintage Music Library German Ns March - Wir Sin Die Brau.. - Vintage Music Library
Don Carroll In Heaven There Is No Beer - Don Carroll
Music Candy Beer and Pretzel Polka 30 Sec - Music Candy
Amy Elizabeth Wheeler Der Jungling An Der Quell - Amy Elizabeth Wheeler
Alex Rich What Makes You Tick? - Alex Rich
Paul Moore You Are Always in My Heart - Du, D.. - Paul Moore
Music Candy Beautiful Bavaria - Music Candy
Elizabeth C. Axford Elmenreich Spinning Song - Elizabeth C. Axford
Andy Schofield German Fairground - Andy Schofield
SMM Productions Zum Alpiner - SMM Productions
Steve E. Williams Autobahn 30 Sec - Steve E. Williams
Carl Miles Minor Mishap - Carl Miles
Andy Schofield German Fairground - Andy Schofield
Doug Hammer Dance German Techno - Doug Hammer
AudioQuattro Suesser Die Glocken Nie Klingen - AudioQuattro
C.S. Darko Sea Wolf U-Boat Chase - C.S. Darko
Elizabeth C. Axford Spindler Sonatina Antique Style, O.. - Elizabeth C. Axford
Michael Keck Viennese Waltz - Michael Keck
Alec Makinson Bier Keller - Alec Makinson

Swedish Music
An amazing array of Swedish Polkas and traditional celebration music, including waltzes for rich period documentaries, wedding parties and family gatherings. Exciting and lively accordions mesh with indigenous instrumentation in festive, old world-flavored tracks certain to add authenticity to your film, commercial or tale of Euro travel or romance.

Kepha Peter Martin Swedish Rhapsody - Kepha Peter Martin
Chanson World Music Library Forsta Halvan - Chanson World Music Library
Amy Elizabeth Wheeler Stunden - Amy Elizabeth Wheeler
Markus Bravo Swedish Bagpipe Polska - Markus Bravo
Colin Willsher Crazy Swedes - Colin Willsher
Chanson World Music Library Clog Mazurka - Chanson World Music Library
Kurbits Av Hjärtat Jag Dig älskar - Kurbits
Magnus Hyden Northern Lake - Magnus Hyden
Kurbits Drevsjövalsen - Kurbits
Chanson World Music Library Quadrille - Chanson World Music Library
Kurbits Schots Från Transtrand - Kurbits
Chanson World Music Library Polska From Tving - Chanson World Music Library
Kurbits Polska I Tre Repriser - Kurbits
Chanson World Music Library Rinnlander - Chanson World Music Library
Filmmusic Group Celtic & Nordic - Cinematic Intro.. - Filmmusic Group
Amy Elizabeth Wheeler Rast - Amy Elizabeth Wheeler
Jens Larsson Midsomer in Sweden - Jens Larsson
Jens Larsson Rivers Song - Jens Larsson
Chanson World Music Library Polka From Tving - Chanson World Music Library
Per Boysen Visa Från Utanmyra - Per Boysen

Austrian Music
Elegant music from the Alpine region includes orchestral Strauss waltzes and Schubert Overtures that would be great for period documentaries or contemporary films, branding campaigns, cooking shows or romantic dramas -- all perfect for film, TV shows, travel montages, and more. And check out our lively a capella yodeling music too!

Paint Chips Danube Blue - Paint Chips
Music Candy Austrian Vacation Underscore - Music Candy
Michael Wheeler Alpine Sweetheart - Michael Wheeler
Trachtenverein Roßecker Wos Wa Mein Leb'n Ohne Jågn - Trachtenverein Roßecker
Kepha Peter Martin Merry Widow Waltz - Kepha Peter Martin
David C. Hewitt Voices of Spring Waltz - David C. Hewitt
Trachtenverein Roßecker Sarstoana - Trachtenverein Roßecker
Media Music Pro Rosamunde Overture - Media Music Pro
Trachtenverein Roßecker Steirer-Dreier-Jodler - Trachtenverein Roßecker
Kepha Peter Martin The Blue Danube - Kepha Peter Martin
Michael Keck Viennese Waltz A - Michael Keck
Michael Keck Springtime Waltz - C - Michael Keck
Music Candy Austrian Vacation - Music Candy
Raizes do Fado O Fado E Do Povo - Raizes do Fado
Paul Moore Merry Widow Waltz - Paul Moore
Torfi Olafsson Allt Mitt Líf - Torfi Olafsson
Trachtenverein Roßecker Hä I Ti - Trachtenverein Roßecker
Trachtenverein Roßecker Im Wåld Drausst Is Schön - Trachtenverein Roßecker
Trachtenverein Roßecker Irdninger Hintereinand - Trachtenverein Roßecker
Trachtenverein Roßecker Ös' Goaßbeitlbauernbuam - Trachtenverein Roßecker

Norwegian Music
Vibrant traditional music of Norway to warm your heart, and exciting Vocal Sami music featuring rousing and romantic ballads to accompany your beautiful travel stories, commercials and documentaries. Lively Norwegian dance music with violins and piano accordions and other indigenous instrumentation for family parties, festive events and national celebrations.

Gjesdalringen Eikerril - Gjesdalringen
Lief Sorbye Reinlender-Rull - Lief Sorbye
Lief Sorbye Hansen's Polka - Lief Sorbye
Lief Sorbye Jeg Lagde Meg Sa Silde - Lief Sorbye
Lief Sorbye Syndebukken - Lief Sorbye
Lief Sorbye Det Star Friar Uti Gare - Lief Sorbye
Elizabeth C. Axford Grieg Puck, Op. 71, No. 3 - Elizabeth C. Axford
Gjesdalringen Klara På Dal Vals - Gjesdalringen
Gjesdalringen Den Sjuke - Gjesdalringen
Bartok Music Villemann Og Magnhild - Bartok Music
Gjesdalringen Steinhaugen - Gjesdalringen
Gjesdalringen Ung åslaug - Gjesdalringen
Gjesdalringen Drikkevise Frå Sørlandet - Gjesdalringen
Gjesdalringen Hanen Stend På Stabburshella - Gjesdalringen
Bartok Music Peder Og Liten Kirsten - Bartok Music
Elizabeth C. Axford Grieg Elfin Dance, Op. 12, No. 4 - Elizabeth C. Axford
Don Carroll Peer Gynt Suite - Don Carroll
Another Dave Norwegian Christmas - Another Dave
Bartok Music Marie - Bartok Music
Kepha Peter Martin Vals Etter Edv - Kepha Peter Martin


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European music

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